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Dear Fellow Singers and Choral Supporters,

I would like to encourage you to make a charitable contribution to UC Choral Ensembles/Student Musical Activities - Vocal in honor of your past or present involvement in one of UCCE/SMA-V's groups as a Cal student or as a member of UCAC. We each have a few, or perhaps numerous, cherished memories of concerts we have sung in, friendships or even marriages forged through our choral camaraderie, and moving and entertaining performances we have attended as a member of the audience.

My own experience may give you an idea of how joining one of UCCE's choral groups can start you on an ongoing and often deepening journey with choral music, a journey that may last a lifetime for many. As a member of the UC Women's Chorale, I had a great time singing with female Cal students as well as having the chance to collaborate with the UC Men's Chorale. Because of my love for the UCCE organization, I ran for office in UCCE Council, serving first as Secretary and then as Internal Vice President, leading such projects as the Holiday Concert donor reception, A Cappella Against AIDS, and Valentine Grams. After graduating, I wanted to stay connected to friends and continue my love of choral singing so I joined the UC Alumni Chorus and helped out as a board member. In just a few years, I had become President of the Board of Directors of UC Alumni Chorus and am now chorus manager. I also recently married my college sweetheart whom I met through our joint Men's and Women's Chorales concerts (the equivalent of Treble Clef and the UC Glee Club in years past). Perhaps you are also a part or a product of an UCCE marriage or know someone who is -- you just never know where your choral involvement will lead you!

Regardless of how much you have been involved in UCCE, each of us can make a real impact on the future of UC Choral Ensembles. I ask that you join me in making a gift of any size in appreciation of your past experiences with UCCE and UC Alumni Chorus. No amount is too small (or too large!) to make a difference for future UCCE members whose stories might soon become like mine or yours.

To make a donation to UCCE, make a check payable to UC Regents and send it to UC Choral Ensembles, 72 Cesar Chavez #4280, Berkeley, CA 94720-4280 or use your credit card to make an online gift at givetocal.berkeley.edu/ucchoral/. To discuss a major gift or planned gift to UCCE or for any other alumni relations and donations matters, feel free to contact us directly at lauren.ucac@gmail.com.

Thanks for your thoughtful consideration of this request and I hope to see many of you at our upcoming performances! Go Bears!


Lauren Polinsky, Class of 2005
UC Alumni Chorus Manager (2011-2013)
Soprano 2