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Noah Griffin

Noah Griffin Jr. has had a talented multi-faceted career: historian, writer, newspaper columnist, radio and television talk show host, law editor, press secretary, campaign manager, lyricist, and vocalist.

He wrote the preface for the book on "Who Killed Martin Luther King". Educated at Harvard Law, Yale and Fisk University in History. He has spent 35 years in government, politics, media and journalism. In those capacities he served on statewide staff in two Presidential Campaigns, as an administrative aide to Dianne Feinstein and Press Secretary to San Francisco Mayor Frank Jordan.

His media background includes five years as a popular Talk Show Host on KGO Radio in San Francisco. Public Affairs Director at KSFO/KYA radio where he also did Morning Drive. He was an on air Disc Jockey at the old KFOG in San Francisco and WJIB in Boston. He produced and hosted weekly interview shows on K-101 and KFRC radio.

In journalism, Noah Griffin writes for the Marin IJ. He wrote for 5 years for the Hearst Examiner and was nationally syndicated with Scripps Howard. In that capacity he appeared twice on the PBS News hour with Jim Lehrer. He has been featured in the Boston Globe, the NAACP Crisis Magazine, the San Francisco Chronicle, The San Jose Mercury News, The Saint Petersburg Times, and Jet Magazine. He's appeared on CNN, CBS Sunday Morning and Talk of the Nation. He has been written about and or covered in the New York Times Magazine, the Wall Street Journal and San Francisco Magazine.

He's taught at the University of San Francisco, City College of San Francisco, served on numerous Boards and City Commissions and is the recipient of many awards and certificates. Of all his accomplishments he is proudest of his faith, his 12 step work and his wonderful wife, Meredith and his five children.