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Da Capo Al Fine

A Musical Retrospective

TO CELEBRATE THE LAST 20 YEARS Dr. Mark Sumner has conducted the UC Alumni Chorus, we invite you to an afternoon of great music; looking back on what influenced him as a young singer and conductor, and applaud how many voices have valued sharing his inspired musical choices and leadership. The music for the first half of our Fall concert includes music by Brahms: as it turns out, a composer that was often represented in Sumner's initial experiences in high school, college, graduate school, and as a first year teacher.
The second half offers the final choral works, some unfinished*, written by renowned composers such as: Lassus, Bach, Mendelssohn*, Mozart*, Copland, Britten* and Lauridsen.

||: Sing, rest, sing :|| D.C. al Fine

Tickets are available online at brownpapertickets.com.

About the University of California Alumni Chorus
The UC Alumni Chorus is a thriving 100 member ensemble, composed
of Cal alumni, alumni of other UC campuses, and UC Berkeley faculty,
staff and graduate students. We perform a wide variety of music, ranging
from 16th century chamber choral works to traditional folk music and
20th century musical theater. The chorus is part of the University Choral Ensembles (UCCE) organization and is directed by Mark Sumner,
UCCE Director.

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